A Summer Communion

A Summer Communion

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I’m so happy with the amount of time I’ve been able to spend with friends and family this summer.  The last two weeks spent traveling were exhausting, but so rewarding.  Part of my travels involved our family tradition of heading out to Jamesport.

The Jamesport clan includes our very good friends Anne Marie and Steve, and their gorgeous children Nicky and Gemma.  (You may remember Gemma from her 1st Birthday shoot!)  When Anne Marie and I were talking about Nicky’s communion pictures, the suggestion of Jamesport came up.  Bring his adorable suit out to Jamesport?  Absolutely.

Nicky was a joy to work with and was truly a team player.  We walked around the grounds of the house for about 15 minutes and he was even able to add his creativity to the shoot!  Anne Marie and Steve, you are raising two of the kindest children I’ve ever met.  I can’t wait for our next photo adventure.


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