Grace and Alexandra ~ 3 Months!

Grace and Alexandra ~ 3 Months!

Three girls.

I vividly remember my mom calling at 5am on the day of their birth.  By then, I was already driving to the hospital to meet my sister, family, and newest little bundles.  If their arrival would be anything like Olivia’s, I had plenty of time to get there.  I was still nervous with excitement as made my way to the hospital, praying for my sister and the twins to be safe and healthy.

There were a series of calls that morning.  But this one, I remember with distinction, even though it only lasted two or three seconds.  With cell reception in the hospital being less than perfect, my mom just had enough time to call out “Girls!  Healthy girls!”

Then, the call ended.

I spent the rest of the ride to the hospital wiping tears of joy, relief, and appreciation from my eyes…and if I’m completely honest, I’m doing the same right now.

I am Auntie to three of the most beautiful, giggly, precious little girls on the planet.  The twins, Alexandra and Grace, recently turned 3 months.  Andrea and Ben came over to my Long Beach apartment and had a great home studio shoot.  While Ben took big sister Olivia to the beach, Andrea and I worked together to capture the beauty of this perfect little age…holding on to each moment…right until little Gracie fell asleep.  A perfect end to a perfect session.


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