Green Monsters?

Green Monsters?

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No, not like this guy:green-monster

More like this guy!

green-monster-oh she glows
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When I first started getting into healthy living blogs (thanks again, Trish!), I discovered green monsters.  A green monster is a delicious, healthy smoothie that takes on a greenish color from your choice of veggies.  Many people use either baby spinach or kale, the former being my favorite.  There are countless recipes to choose from, and if you go to Angela’s website, you can definitely find the perfect one for you.

Now that April is in full swing and beach time is just around the corner, it’s definitely time to renew my energy in leading a healthy lifestyle.  One way I enjoy doing this is having a green monster for breakfast each morning.  The base of my daily smoothie is always almond milk, plain greek yogurt, baby spinach, chia seeds, and ice.  Then, the additional ingredients are the ones I change up daily.  My favorite is the simple banana and (frozen) blueberries.  Blend ’til smooth and you have a great, filling breakfast.

The best part is…it doesn’t always turn out green!

Hmmm…a Purple Monster?

Go ahead and take the plunge.  I can bet you’ll be pleasantly surprised.



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