Hope for Change

Hope for Change

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This is how the story went:

“I know a boy at the high school who is reading around a 2nd Grade level, but because of budget cuts, there is only one reading teacher.  Then again, it wouldn’t matter anyway.  His schedule calls for 2 periods of PE a day since he failed PE last year.  Oh, and the kicker?  He is a member of the Varsity Basketball team.

It doesn’t take a professional in education to realize the severity of this situation.  When my fellow teachers and I hop up on our soap boxes and rant about the inappropriate aspects of education, I know it’s easier to tune us out.  I wish I could too sometimes.  But tuning out will not do the children any good.

Instead, we must continue to advocate for excellent programs in educations.  We will continue to do our best with the very little time we have for planning.  And we must continue pray for a better system while keeping the memory of former students, the drive of current students, and the possibilities of future students cemented into our hearts.

We’ll do this with images of children learning, happily, in our minds.  Images from throughout the years…

Making Oobleck with the kids and Michelle, my co-teacher, in 2005.
December 2007 054
The creativity of a bulletin board, truly created by Kindergarteners, in 2007.
*Teaching tip: Mix Elmer’s glue with shaving cream to create ‘snow’ that dries puffy!
One of their favorite places: the zoo. In every year when we can make it happen.
The kids taking control of Morning Meeting in 2010. Notice the perfect class size. ;)
Loving the library in 2012.

We’ll remember the children we’ve taught.  The joy they’ve brought us.  The reason we teach.

And we’ll continue to hope for change.



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