How is P!NK in Concert? Incredible.

How is P!NK in Concert? Incredible.

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What a vacation.  It took me about 4 days to officially relax, but now I can honestly say I am having a wonderful week.   I needed a vacation and that’s that.

What I couldn’t wait for this vacation was Monday night.  Four of my very besties and I went to see P!NK in concert and the show was unbelievable.  Melissa, my co-teacher, told me how amazing the show would be and I was like a child waiting for Santa all weekend.  Finally, the night came and P!NK did not disappoint.

Here are some highlights for you, taken with my iPhone of course.  Apologies for any silly dialogue, poor singing, and/or crazy cheering you may hear in the next couple videos.

Pink opened up with amazing acrobatics set to Raise Your Glass.  We knew we were in for a great show within the first 30 seconds!

In the middle of the concert, she sat on a stool and performed a personal version of Who Knew.  It was beautiful.

Her encore performance included two songs.  The first was So What, where she literally soared around the arena while clipped into a metal ring.

P!NK ended with Glitter in the Air.  My video wasn’t great for this one, but if you’ve seen this Grammy performance, you can picture her amazing performance.

We left the show endlessly talking about our favorite moments and even put on her recently recorded VH1 Behind the Music when we got home.  P!NK is coming back to New York in December (she extended her tour and will be at Barclays Center) and if you’ve never seen her, I would definitely recommend getting tickets.  They went on sale today to the public so get ’em while they’re hot.

You can bet I’ll see you there.  ;)



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