I am awesome…at vacation.

I am awesome…at vacation.

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This past week was dreary. While I love a quiet, rainy morning in my Kindergarten classroom, the afternoon is a whole different story. Those little ones need to get out and run and recess is the perfect time to do it. The kids go to town on PB&Js, sleeves of Oreos, and sugar-packed juice boxes. And then they wait for those big, gray doors to open to let them OUT. But instead of sprinting onto that awesome new playground, they just sit. They sit and color. Seriously. And all the while, their bodies are telling them to get up and RUN! So when we pick them up and try to get started with academics, it is no picnic. It is a fight to the finish. By the time I get home, all I crave is bed.

To get out of the little funk I was in after three days of rain, I decided to clean. Now, I know cleaning is not everyone’s thing and maybe my opinion will eventually change. But at the moment, cleaning brings me immediate gratification and I love it. So on this day, I put my BFF (Carrie Underwood) on Pandora and sang my heart out. I was starting to get rid of that rainy day feeling and I knew success was near.

And then I saw them, staring right at me. My beloved beach towels. My beach towels spent the summer right on the sand with me. I am supposed to put those away? I just wasn’t ready. Not yet. Instead, I stood there and couldn’t help but think about what a great summer it was. As I listened to the rain hitting the roof and held on tight to my colorful towels, I couldn’t believe how much I missed being on vacation.

Because, you know what? I am great at being on vacation. In fact, I am awesome at it.


More excited than scared about my new friend!
-Costa Rica, 2012


This past summer, I was able to spend July teaching a morning summer school program that was only 4 days a week for 3 hours a day. I made some nice cash and pushed my summer guilt aside with that gig. And when August hit, it was time to travel. First Montauk, then Costa Rica, and then Jamesport. I was all over the place and loved every minute of it. I can absolutely call vacationing one of my strengths. Heck, my friend Colleen and I even turned a 3-day plane delay into a white water rafting adventure and a volcano visit! And these skills aren’t just limited to Summer 2012. Come to think of it, maybe that is the real reason I became a teacher…way down deep in my subconscious. Now there’s some food for thought…

Anyway, vacations are great. There’s no doubt about it (unlike my cleaning claim above). And I am sure there are a ton of you out there who are awesome at it, too. Actually, I know there are because I’ve experienced the awesomeness of my friend’s and family’s vacation skills on multiple occasions. So the next time you are picking yourself up out of a dreary day funk, think about a past vacation or when your next one will be. And remember, if you need a friend to come along or even just a ride to the airport, I’m your girl.



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