I’m Sorry…For Not Buying American

I’m Sorry…For Not Buying American

Today is Day 13…almost halfway there!  Today’s challenge is: Issue a public apology. This can be as funny or as serious or as creative as you want it to be.

Dear American Cars,

Childhood was a blast.

chevy van

GMC jimmy

chevy caprice

But, I want to say I’m sorry I never bought one of you.  I grew up riding in so many American vehicles and loved every minute of it.  But when it was time to get my own car, you guys just didn’t cut it.  My first car was a 1997 Honda Accord.  Two doors and cherry red, how could anyone resist her at 29 miles per gallon?  I loved her to pieces.

1997 Accord SE

When it was time for a replacement, I did look around, I promise.  But, in the end, bought a Honda again.  When I test drove her, it was like riding a bike.  So familiar.  Now I’ve had her for 5 years and with just a little love here and there, she still purrs like a kitten.

2007 civic

American cars, don’t you see?  I am always driving.  Long drives to Cortland turned into long drives to Brooklyn and then a bit shorter to Queens.  But still, I am always in my car.  Work, skiing, the beach…my car is my home away from home.  And I need reliability in my life!

So please forgive me.  I love our country and am supportive whenever I can.  Eventually, I would love to buy one of you someday!  But for now, please accept my heartfelt apologies.  And work on your gas mileage.



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  1. Oh my goodness. This cracks me up. My Father in law will go to 9 different stores to find khakis made in America but he drives an Audi. Perhaps for somethings it’s not necessary to buy American? I have a Chevy truck (Husband picked it out) and a Suzuki bike. My own cars were always Hondas. I adore them. Lovely blog. :)

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