It’s Just So Awkward

It’s Just So Awkward

Day 3 of the Blog Every Day in May Challenge…Things that make you uncomfortable.

It’s quite funny this came up as today’s topic.  As we walked out of the diner today after having lunch, I looked over at my co-teacher and say “Ugh, that was so awkward.”

so awkward

Just as we were leaving the restaurant, I looked up and saw someone I recognized from high school.  She wasn’t in my grade, but I think she was in Andrea’s.  I looked at her, she found my gaze, and so I looked away.  Of course, I could feel her looking at me.  When I thought the coast was clear, I looked over to her to see if it was really her.  Of course, she was already peering back over.  So then I quickly looked away.  This ugly pattern repeated itself multiple times, to the point where she and I both told our friends and even more stares were exchanged.

Finally, the waiter was ready to bring them to their table.  Thank heavens.  Except that the waiter brought them to the table right next to ours.

Ughhhhhhh.  So very awkward.

This uncomfortable situation is right up there with going for the wrong cheek to kiss goodbye (basically causing you to meet right in the middle), walking close to someone so your hands keep lightly touching each other, and waving to someone who is really waving to the person behind you.  I love and get a kick out of them all.  Until of course, it happens to me.

Then, it’s just doesn’t seem as funny.  ;)



What’s your favorite awkward moment?

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  1. I hate that awkward moment when you’re talking to someone but you can’t remember their name, so you try to avoid introducing them to the person you’re with.

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