Kid President

Kid President

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Hi everyone and Happy New Year.  I hope everyone’s new year got off to a great start, despite the crazy weather we’ve been having lately.  They are finally predicting some sunshine for tomorrow, and despite listening to the pouring rain outside, I am completely hopeful.

I just stumbled upon this awesome video and had to share it with you…or not.

Truth is, first I was going to text it to my sister.  Then, over to my friends from work.  But, then I had a funny thought.

I have a blog!

So here I am, sharing this awesome little guy with a great story, Kid President.  Have you heard of him?

kid president grown ups

Here’s a peek into what he’s all about, taken from the About Me section of his site:

Robby, age 9, is…full of life and ideas. Robby has Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI) a brittle bone condition which has resulted in him having over 70 breaks since birth. What’s inspiring about Robby isn’t his condition, but the fact that his condition doesn’t define who he is. In spite of all he’s been through he not only keeps going – he dances.

Seriously, if you don’t find this little guy inspiring, well then I got nothin’ for ya.

kid president phone
So true.

Finally, here is the video that I was going to text.  So cute, inspiring, and quite the provider of many smiles.

Now go on and share this with a friend.



PS – As I was finding more content for this post, I saw Kid President went viral last year, so it is quite possible you’ve seen him before!  Since I don’t have a personal Facebook account, I miss this kind of stuff all the time.  So, just humor me and say this is your first sighting, mmmkay?  Thanks.

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