Proximity is Key

Proximity is Key

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The night of October 25th was the last night I spent in my Long Beach apartment. That Friday morning, I packed up my car for a weekend in Montauk. As I left that morning, I had no idea my next full night there would be sometime around Christmastime and maybe even later.

I rent a one-bedroom apartment in the upstairs of a very small cape. My apartment is, in a word, tiny. Despite the size, the apartment is mine and I love it. Jonathan and I have been having a great time together in Bethpage, but there is no doubt about it…I am missing my home.

What are some things I love about my place? Clearly, the beach is the number one attraction. I’ve been a beach girl as long as I can remember. And how could you go wrong with a view like this just 7 blocks away?


I have no doubt Long Beach will recover from Sandy and turn out better than it has ever been. The community there is simply indescribable.

Another thing I love about my place is the GREAT outside space. The door leading to my deck was created for very small individuals. Jonathan has to duck just to get through safely. But once we get out there…wow. The square footage of the deck is basically the same as the square footage of my apartment. This past summer, I made the deck my own private heaven. Well, maybe not so private (it’s still Long Island — I can see individuals in 8 different backyards and they can see me), but it’s still great. I hooked it up with an awesome patio set, outdoor lights, lounge chairs, a BBQ and a great sun clock from Jonathan. All in all, I love it.

So much fun.

But, what I love most about my apartment is the proximity to my friends. In the last couple of weeks, I’ve realized how invaluable it has been to live so close to my girlfriends for the past year. At a moment’s notice, we can meet on the Boardwalk for some exercise, at the nail salon for a mani-pedi, or at La Bottega for a bottle of white. What a gift to have them so close. Things like this, I’ve taken for granted.

The original East Olive crew.

I know how lucky I am. Not only do I live in a beautiful city, but I also have amazing friends who live right there with me. Of course, we won’t always be able to live in the same town. But at the moment, I’m thankful for the time we’ve spent there together.

5 of 7 are Long Beach-ians. The other two can be considered honorary residents, too!

I know we’ll be back in Long Beach before we know it. In the days since Sandy hit, the response of Long Beach as a community and from Long Island as a whole has been overwhelming. Long Beach will never be the same. Instead, our community will rise above this mess and evolve into an even better place to live.

Without a doubt, it will be worth the wait.



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  1. I am betting that we will be running on a new and improved boardwalk by Summer 2013- fingers crossed!

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