Take Me Home…Wildwood Road

Take Me Home…Wildwood Road

A few days ago, I got a group text from Andrea…”Am spoke to Trish–heading out on Wednesday for a visit, want to join?”

Camp trip out to Riverhead?  With my three nieces and the girls?  Absolutely!

We all met at Andrea’s and piled into the minivan with delight.  I was happily squished between my favorite twins (armed with bottles, blankies and pacifiers) with Colleen beside Olivia (with her own armory of grapes and yogurt).  Then we had Annemarie in front and Andrea at the wheel.  My how times have changed, yet remain completely the same.  And just a heads up: I thought about changing the title to Photos of My Nieces at Camp.  You have been warned…

It was a quick visit through camp and we enjoyed every minute.  It was the first time the girls ever stepped foot onto camp property.  At first Olivia didn’t know what to think…

But then, she quickly realized this may be the best place on Earth!

From that moment on, Olivia did not stop moving.  It was as if she automatically knew how special this place was to her mom, aunt, and friends.

4H Camp August 2015-2
Hi everyone!  I don’t think we’ll fit in here together much longer!

We were so excited to see Trish.  Walking around the grassy knoll, letting Olivia explore, and simply catching up was just wonderful.  Here are some highlights from the visit.

Exploring around the Health Lodge:

The twins had a great time in one of the giant trees…

…and so did big sister Olivia!

Another great place for pictures:

Let’s check out the Lodge!

Time to sing a few rounds of Wildwood Road and Circle game:

And then it was time to head home.

4H Camp August 2015-29

But not before getting in at least one group shot…

4H Camp August 2015-34


On the way home, the girls and I sang Olivia and the girls to sleep (they were exhausted!) and then talked about our wonderful visit.  It truly feels like home to be there, and although the campers weren’t in the photos, they were definitely there and having a great time.  Even during our impromptu sing along, campers didn’t hesitate to sing with us.  This is the beauty of camp.  No matter if you attended 10, 20, 30, or 40 years ago, you just pick right up where you left off…and so do the people around you.  I’d recommend it to anyone who has children–just have them try for a week.  I promise it won’t be their last.



PS – You can find more information regarding sending your child to the Nassau County D.P.F. 4-H Camp both here and here.  There’s even a Family Camp Weekend coming up in September!

PPS – If you are in the mood for some old campy blog posts, you can read about the Survival Race the camp girls and I did back in 2012.  Or, take a look at the drama of saying goodbye to your camp friends (before the days of Facebook), complete with some pretty sweet pics from back in the day.

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  1. Christine

    I love this so much! I can totally see the joy on Olivia’s face! Can’t wait to go back with you all!

  2. Beautiful Pictures….
    Beautiful Words…..
    Made me cry.

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