Bones and Halo…The Very Beginning

Bones and Halo…The Very Beginning

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If you’ve met my family, or if you’ve read my Pups page, you’ve certainly met the two (so far!) very important animals in our lives.  As kids,  Herb and I begged our mom for a dog.  Understandably, the answer was always no.  Raising three kids doesn’t leave much wiggle room to take care of a four-legged, furry friend.  We had birds, a hamster, and a fish or two…but never our coveted puppy.  My mom knew she would be the one who would end up taking care of the little guy and Andrea had an extreme distaste for animals.  She wouldn’t even make eye contact with a dog.  She meant no harm of course.  She just didn’t have the animal gene in her.

Oh, how times have changed.

I’ll never forget the day Herb brought Bones home.  Actually, I was lucky enough to be the chauffeur.  Herb held Bones in a big blanket in the back seat of my little red Honda as I drove more carefully than ever before.  He was, unmistakably, the cutest dog we had ever seen.

Don’t believe me?  Well then, just take a look:


Since Day 1, Bones was a permanent member of the family.

Fast forward about 6 years later and another welcomed Boxer arrives!  This time, his name was Halo.  He became a permanent fixture in Andrea and Ben’s new home almost as soon as they bought it!   That’s right.  Andrea became a dog-lover.  Halo came all the way from Pennsylvania and while we didn’t think it was possible, he was just as cute as Bones.  Curiously enough, as soon as the two pups met, it was love at first sight.  Well, at least for one of them.

These two guys are simply the best.  After stumbling upon these videos after the weekend, I just had to share them.  And, quite ironically, guess who is laying right next to me, listening to me type away…

halo at computer
Halo is a napper…just like the rest of us.

The pups are tons of fun, great snuggle partners, and encourage tons of exercise.  But the best part is them bringing our family even closer together.  Now, what could be better than that?



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