Thoughtful Thursday: Please tell us you’re joking…

Thoughtful Thursday: Please tell us you’re joking…

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This came in the mail today.


During a week where schools and parents alike are in a state of shock over the ridiculousness of testing, Melissa showed me this catalog she found in her mailbox.  For all of you non-teachers out there, let me explain.  The cover above shows a boy around 5-years-old, grinning ear-to-ear, behind his fancy new ANTI-CHEATING BARRIER.  I love the caption:  NEW!  Brighten Desktops With High-Gloss Privacy Shields.  They make it seem like this shield is the newest toy on the Toys “R” Us catalog.  Sadly, this is anything but the case.  Even non-teachers know the recent testing brings our students anything but a smile.

If you are a teacher, keep on truckin’ and keep those little moments we love about teaching close to your hearts.  We know the tides will change eventually.  And for all the parents out there, please make your voices heard.  The testing of today is NOT for the benefit for your child’s future, but instead for the pockets of the politicians, test-writing companies and countless others who have never stepped inside a classroom.



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