Thoughtful Thursdays – A Dream Edition…

Thoughtful Thursdays – A Dream Edition…

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This week at work, we’ve been talking about Martin Luther King, Jr. As a Kindergarten teacher, the lessons are always so humbling. The children remain completely silent (an amazing feat for 25 five-year-olds) and hang on every word as his story is told. After listening, the questions are plentiful. Then, more Dr. King stories are always requested, along with videos on the computer and even just pictures of him in the classroom. Last year I even had a child create a card for this unbelievably brave individual. It was a thank you card.

I wish you could hear the comments…

“Kids couldn’t go to school with their friends?”

“Why couldn’t they use the water fountain? What if they were thirsty after recess?”

“Why did the bad man shoot him? Is he in jail now?”

It’s times like these I hope my Grandma is watching down from the Heavens. I loved her so much and mean no disrespect, but the truth is, these kids could have taught her a thing or two. ;)


So this weekend, enjoy your three days off. And maybe take a minute to send up your own thank you card to Dr. King. Because sometimes, the best lessons come out of the mouths of babes.



PS – Thanks, Wiki!

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