What I Miss…the 80’s Edition

What I Miss…the 80’s Edition

And the Challenge continues with Day 12: What do you miss?

With a special person on my mind today (Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!) and so many wonderful memories, I thought I’d take the chance today to bring it back.  Way back.  As in right back into the 80’s.  Missing childhood is a common theme as we get older, but reminiscing about it’s ridiculousness is my favorite way to relive it.  So let’s get right to it!

Stick on Earrings

stick on earrings

When I was a kid, I was petrified to get my ears pierced because I thought it would hurt.  Little did I know I was putting myself through even more pain by performing the everlasting squeeze every 10 minutes to adhere my beautiful Stick on Earrings.  I don’t know how many times I tried to steal these from Andrea and later on found them stuck in my hair.   They came in all colors and shapes and defined the epitome of cool.

Full House

Full House

“It’s 6:00!!!” was a daily cue for my mom to batten down the hatches.  Andrea and I would race into the TV room for our daily fix of Full House.  And forget it, when 8pm on a Friday night came (It’s time to have some fun, we’ll show you how it’s done, TGIF!) it was practically a holiday.  I especially loved the “sentimental music” that always turned up in the end, letting us know everything in the Tanner household would be just fine.

Paper Fortune Tellers & MASH

fortune mash

I’m pretty sure I missed a number of lessons in school due to the creation of Paper Fortune Tellers & MASH.  I’ve never seen them so neat though as in the picture above.  Ours were always scrawled with pencil and completely scrunched up from spending weeks in my giant, turquoise LL Bean backpack.

The Baby Sitters Club


If we weren’t running to the TV to watch Full House, then we were running to the back of the library to grab the newest book in The Babysitters Club series.  There are times when we see people in the media now and say “oh, we would so be friends with her.”  I have a feeling this is where that saying all began.  I would have invited Kristy, Claudia, Mary Anne, Stacy, Dawn, Mallory, Jessica and even Logan over to swap babysitting stories any day.

Troll Dolls

troll dolls

Finally, it just wouldn’t be right if I posted this without including my beloved Troll Doll collection.  I wish I had a picture of what my 30-40 piece collection of these guys looked like, but the picture above actually does a pretty good job to show it.  The best part?  Andrea would come and knock them down one by one like little bowling pins.  I think this is hysterical now, but back then, I was furious.  At $8.00 a pop at the local convenience store, I didn’t like anyone messing with my little buddies!

There you have it.  While some of these were tough to admit, they all brought a huge smile to my face.  Now, it’s off to celebrate Mother’s Day with some of my very favorite people.  I’d better go find my favorite stick on earrings…



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  1. Troll Dolls..

    I am going to smile for the rest of the day. Who knew it was possible to miss the 80’s? Who knew.

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