Where is Spring?

Where is Spring?

I couldn’t help but wonder, when I stepped out of work and into the snow today, where in the world is spring?

spring snow

Not that I am surprised.  After everything with Hurricane Sandy and the crazy winter we’ve had, should I really be surprised by today’s snow?  I suppose not.  It’s just that I LOVE when spring arrives.  The bright colors, birds chirping, gorgeous sunsets.  I don’t even mind  my allergies going bananas.  Spring is just the best.  And do you know my favorite part of all?

Spring jackets.

I know it sounds silly, but I adore hanging up my winter coat for the last time and choosing a fun, light coat off the rack.  The jacket transition represents all the wonderful aspects of spring.  Things like a vacation looming in the midst, the start of beach volleyball, and upcoming after-work beach trips with the girls.  Possibly of utmost importance to this teacher – summer is now the closest season to arrive.  How could I not smile with that one?

Spring will be here before I know it.  That’s been my mantra.  I’ll get to wear my favorite spring gear very soon and enjoy the perfect amount  of warmth it provides on those chilly spring mornings.   And in the afternoons, I’ll enjoy the drive home best as I throw the very same jacket in the back seat, open my windows, turn on the music (while praying for no traffic), and sing my way to the summer.



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